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"John’s lyrical approach...captures his experience and creates a natural script and visual journey..."

The Waiting Room
“The Waiting Room’ is a powerful testament to the journey John Mann took while he was sick with Cancer in 2009 through 2011. For several months John was bedridden in the hospital and confronted by the challenge of his life and for his life.
John’s lyrical approach on the Waiting Room captures his experience and creates a natural script and visual journey taking the listener to the powerful realization that everyone knows someone touched by Cancer. Each song delivers heartfelt tears and uplifting laughter as he reveals the most vulnerable moments of recovery from this life threatening disease.

December Looms
John Mann returns to his barebones alt-folk roots with the beautiful 'December Looms', using just his acoustic guitar and warm voice to create a quiet gem of a recording, filled with beautiful melodies and observational insight. Mann has always been an observational writer; his lyrics are simple, yet filled with lyric gems: 'miles and miles of empty track twisted round inside my head once I had a train of thought But I drank to forget then forgot love's first name what was love's first name?' (from 'I've Been Bad') When I Played Around with Knives‚ is a nostalgic reflection on past innocence, 'My Little Lamb' is a touching and true father-child story, and 'Port Town' details his personal relationship with his home city of Vancouver. Another highlight is 'I Play Blind', showing off his lyrical brilliance as he chronicles a couple clinging together unhappily yet needily in a failing relationship. His world-weary tone is comfortable even when emoting the gravest cynicism, and his musicianship is always more than capable. Highly recommended.


Acoustic Kitty
Acoustic Kitty. Mann’s solo material has none of the frenetic catchiness of SotW’s best-known songs. Rather, Mann lopes along at an easy pace, backing adept lyrics with simple instrumentation. On this sophomore release, Mann has stripped everything right down to bare bones, boiling his musical sensibility down to the concentrated strumming of a single acoustic guitar behind his acerbic lyrics and warmly familiar vocals. At its best, December Looms is gripping. “I Play Blind” offers the best display of his heart-rending lyrical skill as he describes a couple in denial, clinging to each other despite the obvious fissures in their relationship. And “The New Normal” represents a perfect melding of Mann’s comfortable, world-weary voice, his stunningly cynical lyrics and capable musicianship. (Independent)

"...13 albums and countless tours of the
UK, Europe and North America
with Spirit of the West! "

Spirit of the West Short Biography

Nearing the three-and-a-half decade mark, Spirit of the West continues to rock audiences with their original and potent blend of Folk, Celtic, Rock, Pop and Punk. The band that began in 1983 as an innocent trio of acoustic guitar, flutes and bouzouki is now a musical and performance powerhouse that features 6 musicians and dozens of instrument changes in a night’s worth of timeless and beloved songs.

With 13 albums to their credit, five of them gold and three platinum, a history of extensive touring throughout the western world, and the authorship of a drinking song (”Home For a Rest”), so well known and loved that it is often called ‘Canada’s unofficial national anthem’, Spirit of the West’s legacy has grown to legendary status.

Fan favourites such as ‘And if Venice is Sinking’, ‘Save This House’, ‘Puttin’ Up with the Joneses’ and the quintessential drinking song ‘The Crawl' have etched themselves into the soundtrack of youth of several generations of Canadians.

Save This House


Labour Day




Tripping Up the Stairs



Go Figure

go figure

Old Material


Weights & Measures

weights and measures

Hit Parade

Hit Parade

Two Headed

two headed

Open Heart Symphony